Klienty ftps obsługujące tls/ssl

* FileZilla (Windows, OSX, Linux)
URL: http://filezilla-project.org/
SSL/TLS works. In the "Site details" dialog box, pick "FTP over TLS (explicit encryption)" as the "Servertype". Reported by Philip Hallstrom.
* CoreFTP Lite (Windows)
URL: http://www.coreftp.com/
SSL/TLS perfectly works when "AUTH TLS" is enabled. CoreFTP Lite has some neat features like IPv6 support, remote file searching, .htaccess editing, queueing, bandwidth control, etc.
CoreFTP Lite is free both for personnal and business use, but people who want to register in order to get the enhanced (non-"lite") version and commercial support can get a special discount for Pure-FTPd users, through this secret link : http://www.2checkout.com/cgi-bin/ccbuyers/purchase.2c?sid=62821&product_id=9&quantity=1
* SmartFTP (Windows)
URL: http://www.smartftp.com/
An excellent client with IPv6 support, port range limitation and other useful features (!= bloat) . And it's free for personal, educational and non-commercial use. And it detects Pure-FTPd :)
SSL/TLS perfectly works when the "FTP over SSL (explicit)" protocol is selected and when the data connection mode (Tools->Settings->SSL) is set to "clear data connection" while the AUTH mode (also in Tools->Settings->SSL) is set to "TLS".
* IglooFTP Pro (Windows, Linux)
URL: http://www.iglooftp.com/
SSL/TLS is automatically detected and works when Preferences->Security-> Encrypt is set to "Commands [if possible], Transfers [if possible]".
* FlashFXP (Windows)
URL: http://www.flashfxp.com/
SSL/TLS works. In the "Quick connect" dialog box, pick the "SSL" tab and :
- enable Auth TLS
- disable Secure File Listing
- disable Secure File Transfers
* SDI FTP (Windows)
URL: http://www.sdisw.com/
SSL/TLS works. In the "Connection" tab, just pick "SSL Support: TLSv1".
* LFTP (Unix, MacOS X)
URL: http://lftp.yar.ru/
SSL/TLS is automatically detected and works out of the box.
* RBrowser (MacOS X)
URL: http://www.rbrowser.com/
A cute graphical client for MacOS that was reported to work by Jason Rust and Robert Vasvari.
* Glub Tech Secure FTP Client (at least Unix, MacOS X and Windows)
URL: http://secureftp.glub.com/
SSL/TLS is automatically detected and works out of the box.
* Cyberduck (OSX)
URL: http://cyberduck.ch/ SSL/TLS works out of the box.